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Welcome to Whathuh Studios.

We are an independent website development firm based in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Our specialties lie in web application development, website design, branding, and audio/video media

We can help you reach a whole new customer base.

Millions of people use the internet every day, and with a strong online presence, you will be able to reach new clients, and give existing clients an easy way to reach you. Browse our work to see some examples of how we have done this. Contact us when you are ready to reach your full business potential.

We can streamline your workplace.

Whether you are a cafe hoping to offer online tracked rewards card to your customers, a new online casino looking for a striking design, an insurance agency hoping to grow your business to reach the ever-growing market of online insurance companies, or a lender seeking borrowers we can help. Contact us to find out how.

We have helped numerous small and medium size businesses build their sites from the ground up including Waco Dumpster Rentals Boss and many others. We favor green companies that help the environment and the sustainability of our planet, in industries like recycling, waste management, solar energy, dumpster rental and junk removal. We always include a unique and memorable design, light speed efficient navigation, front and back applications to enable the games to be played smoothly and without a bump as well as all financial transactions.

As the principal, Sarah produces hip, beautiful books for major publishers, is an agent for some of the sharpest contemporary artist-writers, and consults with a variety of clients on intellectual property rights and contracts. She brings a variety of strengths to our publishing and licensing projects, beginning with the ability to discern talent and marketable projects. Our critical eye, art directing, editing and marketing skills allow us to develop projects that bring out the best in our clients, are PR-worthy, and appeal to specific markets. Sarah is a creative thinker with a talent for the visual, who at the same time is attuned to the marketing and legal matters. She focuses creative projects into a marketable product, and translate complex contractual and rights issues for artistic clients, as well as negotiates deals and contracts.

Our role is to develop creative concepts and create a holistic package, with a marketing and sales strategy. While we bring a lot of creative ideas, we also bridge the gap between the creative and the bottom line. As a developer we also provide PR support, advising clients on how to publicize their products and brands, as well as doing media events and PR in house. Clients include award-winning bloggers with hundreds of thousands of regular reader, TV personalities, and spokespeople for major brands. Our products and clients have been featured in major media across the country and around the world.

We have consulted for the Who’s Who of the hip, neo-craft movement, including Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, the WSOP and the WPT. Nowadays more and more business is conducted on the Internet and this trend is absolutely not expected to slow in the foreseable future. As this space is getting more and more competitive, it is crucial to use professional services like ours in order to have the best possible website.