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recent work
recent work

Here lies a list of artists we support. We either have done work with them in the past, are working with them now, or just feel they deserve to be here. Either way, they are here because of their talent and drive.

The Blushing Gun

The Blushing Gun is a treat. Armed with just their instruments, wits, and an orange 1976 Chevy van they call "The Orange Blossom Special", how could they not put on a great show? After failing to find a drummer to suit them, Derick dropped his bass for drum sticks, Nick dropped his six-string for a five-string, and The Blushing Gun was born!

They have a style of music that is different from the standard of today. Fans of the "good music years" from 1994-1997 will remember why they used to love music. The Blushing Gun is a show worth seeing.

Professor Kliq

Creative Commons - BECAUSE ART IS FREE AND FREE IS RIGHT. - Professor Kliq

Raised in the west suburbs of Chicago, Professor Kliq (Mike Else) underwent a lengthy and profound evolution both musically and mentally. With a variety of names, (Sharp Harpsichord, Quaziteque, Kid Kranium, Professor K), he explored any kind of electronic music he developed an affinity for. With influences ranging from different trip-hop DJ's like Krush, Shadow and Cam to more experimental and noise-based artists like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, he combines these modern elements with those he learned from music theory and his upbringing on jazz as well as 80's pop and electronic music.

Music has always been in his blood: His grandfather, Sir John, a vibraphone and piano player that played with names like Gene Krupa and Tony Bennett, and his uncle, John Jeffrey, jobbing pianist and bass player, doctor of Computer Sciences at Elmhurst college.

Professor Kliq has been making music since 1996 with his first Casio keyboard and a tape recorder. Slowly but surely, training himself to play piano by ear and developing full pieces, the dream maintains an everlasting becoming into reality.

Professor Kliq on Jamendo

Pandora's Requiem

April Walker has a truly unique type of music... "

How would i describe my sound?.... i'd call it a kind of folk/techno. the mixture of the two is becoming more invisible as i progress....".

As any artist I would ever consider supporting, she sounds like nobody that you've ever heard before, and it's a beautiful thing. She has released 6 albums and 2 EPs since 2003, and doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon.

His Myspace page has many sample tracks. Give her a listen, you'll be glad you did.